RubberStampsThe Guidelines Adherence in Slums Project (GASP) is a project launched by Health-E-Net that helps healthcare providers in low-resource settings (e.g. slums) to deliver high-quality, evidence-based care. The central idea of this project is the ability to use simple, paper-based tools like rubber stamps (like in the image above) to print specific templates into the patient case sheet. These templates not only serve as checklists and reminders (e.g. criteria for antibiotic use in urinary tract infections), but also allow for data entry (e.g. blood pressure levels, drugs prescribed, etc.). The data entered in these templates are easily extracted using a mobile phone camera and image recognition software to rapidly create a digital record of data entered into paper. There are a number of advantages to such an approach that are detailed in our recent peer-reviewed publication – I’ve got 99 problems but a phone ain’t one!

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