Get a remote consultation! 

Do you feel like you don't know enough about your medical condition?

Have you not been able to ask a doctor all your questions?

Are you facing an important decision like travelling a long distance or spending a large amount of money to see a doctor, get an investigation, or try a new medicine?


Then a remote consultation might help! 


Health-E-Net makes it possible for anyone in Kenya to access specialist medical consultations, to help patients, caregivers and medical professionals make better healthcare decisions.

All our doctors volunteer their time and skills. They include doctors in the African diaspora, retired specialists and many others interested in improving healthcare in the developing world.

How it works

Our staff – qualified and medical professionals – will create a detailed medical record that can be shared with remote doctors on our secure and patented electronic platform. Specialists review your case without seeing any personal information and schedule a phone consultation.

What you need

To get a remote consultation you should have already consulted a local medical professional about the condition. You should also have relevant test reports (e.g. blood tests, ECGs, CT/MRI scans) and other medical information available to you, and be willing to share them.

What it costs

Typical remote consultations cost between KES 3,000 - 5,000, depending on the effort involved in digitising your medical records. These charges help us provide the same services to underserved populations (e.g. in slums or rural areas) for much less.

I get winning moments, they don’t always necessarily mean he is going to be alright but the feeling that I made an informed call makes me feel less helpless


After a conversation they agreed to do the test Dr. X recommended as opposed to immediately starting line two chemo


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