Revolutionising the capture and use of data in global health

Health-E-Net is building solutions at the heart of the digital revolution in global health.


By enabling the capture and use of high-quality data in low-resource settings, Health-E-Net is unlocking a new wave of possibility in global health and beyond.


High-quality digital data, from paper

Why implement complex, expensive, technologies when the data you need can be delivered from paper, by simply taking a picture?
PaperEMR delivers high-quality, digital health data through two simple steps that require minimal training: documenting on paper, and taking a picture. Our computer vision algorithms instantly extract digital data on any device with a browser and camera.

Telemedicine without Apps

One of the big barriers to the use of telemedicine is the need for patients, and doctors, to download and use apps.
The Gabriel platform allows anyone to engage with tele-health services by sending a simple SMS. A clever, simple, and effective combination of SMS and web technology delivers diverse health services, with live video if needed, to patients in the comfort of their homes.

Ultrasound for every pregnancy

SonoMobile delivers ultrasound scans for pregnant women in a primary health centre close to them.
It makes cutting-edge technology of mobile probes work commercially, using the Gabriel telemedicine platform.
SonoMobile makes ultrasound scans, a defining event in any pregnancy, accessible to every woman!


Retain paper-based systems

Replacing paper completely is unrealistic. Paper is also easy to use and sustain. PaperEMR makes getting digital data from paper as simple.

Make digitisation simple for everyone

Digitisation need not be a specialised, lengthy, boring task of copying data from paper into computers. Just take a picture!

Maintain existing workflows

Changing how people work routinely is a complex and difficult task. Minimising disruption to existing workflows improves uptake.

Make apps work on any device

Browsers are the common factor across devices (even feature phones). Our browser-based “apps” are designed for scale

Build on what users actually use

Every mobile phone user is familiar with SMS. Starting with a basic SMS makes digital approaches accessible widely.

Show users the result of their work

Every user would like to see the result of their work, whether digital or not. Near real-time data visualisation is important for everyone

Call it human-sense

Technology needs to work best for those who use it. Empathy for our users is at the heart of our work.

How We Deliver Impact

PaperEMR re-imagines how “last-mile” health supply chains can be managed. Health-E-Net, in partnership with InSupply Health, works with >200 community health workers (CHW) in Turkana, one of the most remote and marginalised regions of Kenya.
Read more about the Gates Foundation Grand Challenges project.
Latest news on the roll-out of the project for 200 CHWs across Turkana!
Watch the video showing how CHWs in Turkana are using the application
One of the biggest barriers to health tech is the need for end users to download and use apps on their smartphones. This barrier excludes between 40-90% of the population in Sub-Saharan African countries. Health-E-Net’s Gabriel platform enables patients to access remote medical services starting with a simple SMS!
Watch Britam’s video encouraging its members to access remote services.
The WHO’s Safe Childbirth Checklist is a tool designed to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality. The modified checklist for PaperEMR has been used to document >13,000 births in Migori County, Kenya.
Read more in our poster at the Gates Foundation’s Annual Grand Challenges Meeting, 2019.
An ultrasound scan is one of the most memorable events of any pregnancy! However this is not accessible to the majority of women in Africa because the equipment is expensive, and there are few skilled healthcare professionals to use the equipment. The Gabriel telemedicine platform, in combination with modern, mobile probes, is making high-quality, nurse-led, obstetric ultrasound scans a reality for every mother!
Read more about this project funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, which has delivered >3,000 scans to women living in Nairobi’s slums.
Tuberculosis is one of the major killers globally, disproportionately affecting poor and marginalised communities. Active case finding (ACF) is a key strategy for increasing detection of TB in a population. PaperEMR is helping ACF in the slums of Nairobi by making it easy for pharmacists to screen every client for TB and refer them for testing.
Read more about this Global Fund sponsored initiative.
The paper-to-digital approach underlying PaperEMR has demonstrated improvements in how primary care clinicians manage both infectious and non-communicable diseases. Such improvements are likely to underpin the achievement of health-related SDGs.
Read about how clinical documentation was improved.
Read about how antibiotic prescribing was improved.


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